Degree show planning update

After making an initial plan for my degree show space I went back and tweaked some of it. The S shape corridor at the start hasn’t changed however

After the initial corridors I use to have a more open space where the partipant would have to crawl through the a wall to continue. I was worried that upon reaching this the participant would know what to do, or refuse to start crawling, this would cause the partippant to return to the entrance and miss the majority of the space. Instead I have replaced this section with a left turn at the far corner of the space which then leads onto a small ramp leading up to a flat square platform which then comes back down again. Immediately turning left after coming off the ramp leads the participant into a dead end which will be covered in fur to brush past. On the final straight long corridor I have decided to have a padded wall stuffed similarly to the interactive red wall I created at the end of the first year. Upon reaching the end of the corridor there there will be a door that shall bring the participant back to the entrance.

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