Pal Tiya


I have always been interested in making artwork that could be exhibited outside. Previously I have made works such as the Mirror Column however since the base of the column was made from MDF the artwork wouldn’t have survived long outside. All outside photographs of that work were taken on a sunny day with no chance of rain.

At Creative Response  I was introduced to a new material called Pal Tiya. A powdery mix that when mixed with water creates a soft clay like material, after a while it starts to harden at which point I’m able to carve into it.


Eventually the finished product is a weatherproof rock hard material making it perfect medium for outside sculpture.

The Pal Tiya was used for a group project,  a large collection of individual works displayed together, exhibited at The Apple Project at RHS Wisley last October. My contribution was inspired by the bark on old trees. Overall the work was well received and I received some positive compliments by the public.

Reflecting on the project and I am considering using Pal Tiya again for outdoor work.

The material had a quality which weathered in an outdoor environment, giving a finish akin to natural bark.

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