VR research

After my crit I decided i needed to research the possibility of using VR for my film as I had a big interest but no knowledge on exactly what I need or the knowledge required to make VR compatible films. I discovered that a few days ago the video editing software I used to make my film, had released a free update that including VR editing tools. Going through the Adobe tutorials I found that editing VR footage was easy however i need the footage in a Equirectangular format, this is done using a 360 degree camera. price of which start at around £100 i looked into renting one from the university who have a much more expensive one, which requires training and for me to be given the ok by various tutors.I also need to think about is the headset itself as there are big differences in quality and comfort. at the the moment i have my own google Cardboard VR headset which while good for testing VR out, will be unsuitable as a final piece as image quality is limited and a separate phone is required as the screen.

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