Crit space feedback

Had a crit in the project space where I projected my hemianopia film onto the spaces wall. Before the crit i encountered problems with the sound and was forced to show the film without it, however this worked in the films as it was spoken about how the piece was about vision and required no sound to show it. The first thing picked up was the limited view however some people questioned at first whever it was shot in portrait naturally cutting off part of the view. one thought given of fixing this was to highlight the blind side with a colour. the thing most talked about was the location of the film the students and the tutor had different options. students were talking about how there be something missing in a familiar place gave tension to the piece, however this only worked because everyone was familiar with the film’s location. the tut however suggesting I take a go pro out somewhere unknown possibly somewhere with more dangers around. there was a lot of talk about being immersive and possibly using VR headsets to give the viewer a immersive expanse of sight loss, VR has come up a lot in my recent tutorials, I’ve always had a interest in VR and its use in art and believe this may be a good project to use it with. One warning i was given was to make sure my video doesn’t turn into the a informative “Science museum style” video




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