blindspot setup

initially I had planned to give pliantly of time and start setup earlier to give a day’s head start to guarantee i had done the wall however i was unable to use the room and had to set up my work the morning before my crit. this meant there wasn’t enough time to do the wall and instead i had to compromise and instead have the projector visible hanging from the wall. i also had to change the number of blindspot mirrors I showed down to just the single large roadside one.  to prepare i also had to smoothen and repaint the wall to guarantee a nice surface. i was also able to fix the problem i had the last time I showed a projection where the film wouldn’t play when taken straight from my usb, this meant that I didnt have to worry about hiding my laptop with its wires in the space. and instead simply insert my usb into the back of the projector.

360 degree photo of space

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