plaster dome development

Returning to the studio from Christmas i Decided to develop my ideas on projecting my eye onto a plaster eye. although my previous pice was a good size it wasn’t as deep as I would had liked which made the eye not buldge as much as I had liked. I thought about objects I could have used as a mould. I thought about the hemisphere i used for my Red Hemisphere wall piece in year one however this was made of polystyrene which would be unsuitable. I was then able to find a mould that was the perfect size size that was deep enough for my piece.

While the plaster was drying I was able to inset a wall attachment which I had forgotten about with my earlier test piece. Unfortunately I spotted a crack in the mould as it was drying. I will have to replace the mould one my plaster has finished drying,I checked the crack wouldn’t cause the plaster to leak out and left it overnight to dry021B504B-1320-41FD-9EDB-CEB8FDE405D5

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