spike project development

IMG_3122problem health and safety

Experimenting with mirrors and reflection to gather ideas for a new piece for the Linear Gallery.

Putting the spikes in different positions  against the mirror allowed me to appreciate what multiple spikes would look like.

An initial idea was to move this forward by creating a 3 d mirrored spikes similar to how I created the card version .

After this period of testing out new ideas I remembered back to a previous body of work which I considered mounting onto a ceiling. Over the summer I had viewed work displayed in this way. Tibor Gáyor’s work at tthe Carl Kostyal Gallery inspired me to pursue this idea.

illusion deceiving unsure tension

masks the fact only card could be metal and hence more dangerous

Multiple spikes (12) would make the piece more difficult to avoid . The aim is to make viewers uneasy as they face the dilemma of how to navigate the corridor without having to walk under the set of spikes.

The idea of bring a fabric into the gallery piece came out of a conversation with tutors during the start of the gallery installation. incorporate an idea relating to the mattress that I used at the beginning but I felt I had moved away from this idea and it was not longer relevant. However I did like the suggestion and agreed to incorporate it into my work.







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