3rd june london visit

First trip up to London of the summer. Planned to visit 4 galleries, ended up going to 5.

Tibor Gayor, Lares et Panates at Carl Kostyal Gallery

My thoughts on the day:

I would love to do something like that one on the ceiling.

Just feels odd and unusual.

Feel like everything changes as you walk around – the triangles look different depending on where you stand.

I do like a matt finish sometimes.

Got me thinking about how it would completely change if you stood it on end.

Tutors suggested looking at shape and colour and that is exactly what this is.

Just one type of shape though.



Yayoi Kusama, My Eternal Soul paintings at Victoria Miro Mayfair

I get a real sense of the depth of the paint when I see texture like that.

I love it. I would pretty certain I would like this space.

Lots of colour, that’s the main thing, lots of vibrant colour.



Bosco Sodi, Yugen at Blain Southern

Wow! I don’t know what else to say. Just WOW!

I also visited the Josh Lilley gallery to see Kathleen Ryan’s solo exhibition.

Originally I decided to go to this exhibition to look at a red piece called ‘Lipstick Rail’. This was a stair rail taken away from the wall and turned upside down. Initially it was the red that drew me to the piece. Once I got there however I was more drawn to her Bacchante pieces. They were bunches of balloons cast in concrete and they reminded me of a work I produced when casting balloons in plaster. My balloons were manipulated into different shapes and the smooth finish was similar although concrete is a much harder and heavier material.

As I was passing Hauser and Wirth on the way between exhibitions I decided to have a look at the exhibition by Guillermo Kuitca. I liked the solid blackness as seen in the piece on the left.

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